5 Valentine’s Day activities for residents that aren’t Bingo

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner and it’s a time to show those who are near and dear to us that we care. This is also a time to spread the love in facilities and give residents a chance to celebrate. Themed activities are great for sharing the holiday fun with residents. In addition to being enjoyable, these activities help many residents feel connected and engaged in their long-term healthcare communities. The following are some ideas to help get your residents in the Valentine’s Day spirit.

  1. Get crafty. There are several kinds of craft ideas to choose from for Valentine’s Day. From food creations to needlework, crafts help nurture residents’ creativity and stimulate cognitive skills. One simple craft idea is to make heart-shaped door hangers. You can offer residents craft decorations, glue, ribbons and pre-cut heart-shaped cutouts made of sturdy paper such as cardstock. After decorating their hearts, the residents can glue some ribbon to the backs and hang them from their doors.
  2. Signed, sealed, and delivered. What would Valentine’s Day be without cards? Residents can have fun making homemade valentines for each other or their loved ones. You can also buy D.I.Y greeting cards in bulk for your residents to exchange. For the more technically savvy residents, a lesson in sending E-Cards may be a fun option.
  3. Social season. Valentine’s Day is perfect for events that add variety to your activities schedule and help engage residents. You can invite residents to a Sweethearts Dance where they can move to the ballads and hits of yesteryear. You can even give away prizes for Best Dressed, Longest Married Couple, Best Dancer or Life of the Party. Another option is to host a Valentine’s Day happy hour with special beverages such as sparkling grape juice or cider or strawberry daiquiri mocktails.
  4. Pull out the trimmings. Christmas may almost be a distant memory, but there’s no reason not to deck the halls for Valentine’s Day. Make your facility more festive with some themed trimmings like hearts and Cupids. The residents can even get involved by making special decorations to display throughout the facility.
  5. Get heart smart. February is also American Heart Month. For Valentine’s Day, your facility could highlight the importance of showing love for the heart with healthy choices and activities. You could encourage this by holding a chair aerobics or yoga class with an instructor. Afterward, you can invite the residents to partake in healthy snacks such as fruits, low-fat cheeses, vegetable sticks, granola bars and smoothies or flavored waters.

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