Give thanks to volunteers during National Volunteer Month

FRIDAY, APRIL 19, 2019

April is National Volunteer Month and it’s a time to reflect upon the many ways that volunteers across America enrich society. Volunteers are a very important part of life in many of our nation’s long-term care communities. Often giving of their time, talents and resources, these special individuals and/or groups are vital to supporting a caring environment for residents. Whether it’s taking the time for a simple conversation or to deliver gifts for holidays, these acts of kindness can have a big impact on residents’ quality of life. That’s why it’s important to let volunteers know that their efforts are appreciated. Here are a few ways you can show volunteers your gratitude.
Shout them out on social media. Do you have a volunteer who regularly brings a smile to residents’ faces? Capture the joy they bring and post it up on your facility’s social media account. It’s an easy and free way to share a message of thanks and let your volunteers know how much they mean to you.
Shine the spotlight. Highlight your volunteers on your website, newsletter or bulletin board. You can share a short story about the volunteer and/or their organization, do a short Q&A interview or share a photo gallery of the volunteer working with residents.
Create a scrapbook. Gather images and other visual elements from activities or special parties that your volunteer was a part of, like party decorations from a holiday or birthday celebration, and create a fun book about a volunteer’s involvement at your facility.
Say it with words. A card filled with words of gratitude can be a touching gesture that shows just how much your facility appreciates your volunteers. For an extra special touch, pass the card around for staff and residents to sign.
Make a basket. Do your volunteers enjoy a certain type of treat? Do they like to luxuriate in certain scents or soaps? Gather their favorite items and make them a gift basket to say thanks for their hard work.
Host a party. There’s nothing like a little food and music to help honor a helpful volunteer. Invite residents and staff, hang some cheerful decorations and serve some of your volunteer’s favorite foods.
Do something nice. Sometimes, a truly busy volunteer may not take time out to treat themselves. Why not give them an excuse to indulge in some me time? Try buying them a gift card for a nice meal, gourmet coffee, spa services or a massage?
Create a Hall of Fame. Place a Volunteer Hall of Fame display in a heavily trafficked area so the volunteer inductees can be recognized. You can include a photo of the inductee with a brief story of their accomplishment or you can purchase a plaque and add names over time.
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