Bring in the cheer for staff working during the holidays


The holidays are nearly here and millions of people around the nation are looking forward to some time off work to celebrate. However, for many who work in long-term healthcare, time off is not an option. After all, residents will always need care no matter what day it is. Working during the holidays and missing family events can be difficult. Those staff members who sacrifice their time with their family to care for residents often don’t know how much they are appreciated. A few simple tips can help perk up the season and let employees working during holidays know they are not forgotten.
  1. Say thank you. Simple, yet effective, there is nothing like telling your team members how much you appreciate what they do. When their days are busy or difficult, it can help energize employees to know that you value their hard work and efforts. Sharing your gratitude can be a gift within itself.
  2. Celebrate the season. Whether it’s a staff potluck, a talent show or caroling in the halls, put some joy into this time of year. Create a new tradition and give staff members something to look forward to. This will not only keep them engaged, but give them a fun opportunity to show off their skills.
  3. Bring in treats. Sometimes, things may get so busy that employees may not have time to stop and eat. Having access to quick and healthy snacks that can be eaten on the go is a big help to team members. Lend a hand and show appreciation by bringing in some tasty holiday-themed treats to a common area.
  4. Have a family day. Invite family and friends of employees to participate in spreading holiday cheer to staff and residents. A sing-a-long followed by cookies and hot chocolate or cider is an inexpensive idea that can bring a great deal of joy. Employees will get the chance to see their loved ones and share their work experience while the visitors will have the chance to brighten the days of the staff and residents.
  5. Offer extra incentives. Perks for working during the holidays can be wonderful incentives. Gift cards, extra days off or raffles can show employees that they are appreciated and boost morale.
The Compliance Store wishes everyone a very happy holiday season. For those that will be away from their families for the holidays, we appreciate the work that you do to support the well-being of America’s long-term health care residents. Your sacrifice is recognized and valued.